February Release Notes

Author: mike osullivan

March 9, 2023


  • Added support for new toggles on the main dashboard - view the core stats against the entire Sincera publisher set, or just the Global top 10,000 ad supported domains.

  • New Metric:Publisher Deployed Video Players

  • New Metric: detect Publisher Opt Out solutions used.

  • New Chart: Added a chart of Audience Providers to the main dash

  • Ability to run a Publisher-specific Slot Diff from a Publisher’s page. (enterprise only)

  • Released our in-house contextual inference ML engine (!) to allow for high volume contextual categorization of publisher assets. Starting with Tier 1 IAB Content Taxonomy categories. (enterprise only)

Synthetic Jobs

  • Ability to export a single file from a Private Synthetic Job

  • Ability to specify ViewPort size on Synthetic Jobs

  • Ported all remaining global modules into the Synthetic Jobs for use by Enterprise clients.

  • Added Improved Batch Error Reporting for Enterprises

  • Ability to run a ads.txt based Synthetic Job against a custom domain list


  • Improved TCF detection waterfall

  • Improved detection of multi-wrapper environments

  • Fixed a bug where Sincera was over-counting Absorption for domains with common sub domains. This was actually fixed in December, but Absorption uses a rolling 90 day window, so the effects are noticable this month.

  • Improved detection for Tealium CDP (enterprise only)

  • Improved Xandr Adserver detection on International (non US) MSN URLs

  • Improved detection for Yahoo ConnectID

  • Various improvements to Sourcepoint Detection

  • Improved Navbar Support for Mobile ViewPorts

  • Restyled Domain List page

  • Alerts now auto-dismiss after 4sec

  • Fixed a bug where the name of Header Providers on the main dashboard was incorrect

  • Global scoped domains now drip 250+ new domains daily to the global publishers dataset

mike osullivan

March 9, 2023

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