ID Methodology 2.0

Author: Mike O'Sullivan

March 30, 2022

ID Methodology 2.0 is a more accurate representation of identifier configuration and deployment within the digital advertising industry. These counts are collected by monitoring over 200,000+ of the internet's most popular properties.

Axis Definition
In Methodology 1.0, the chart on the main dashboard counted the number of publisher installations of an identifier. In ID Methodology 2.0, the chart now counts the number of publishers using using the identifier, which is more accurate barometer of an identifiers footprint.

Direct Implementation
ID Methodology 2.0 now includes detection and counts for identifiers that have been independently deployed by publishers outside of a header bidding environment.

Header Wrapper Detection
Methodology 2.0 now includes detection and identifier counts for the Zeus Header Wrapper, alongside Prebid (including Prebid derivatives) and IX Library.

Identifier Normalization
Identifiers are known as different values across environments. For example, the LiveRamp RampID is known as IdentityLink within Prebid, and as LiverampIP within the IX Library. In methodology 1.0, These would be detected as different identifiers with distinct counts between them. In methodology 2.0, these identifiers are normalized to RampID and support a single count for the identifier.

Publisher De-Duplication
The biggest change within Methodology 2.0 is the removal of duplicative counts for a identifier on a single publisher. In methodology 1.0, a publisher that had ID5 deployed in Prebid and ID5 deployed via IX Library would count as "2" installations for ID5. In Methodology 2.0, this is counted as "1." Regardless of the number of different implementations a publisher has of an identifier, it is never counted more than once.

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Mike O'Sullivan

March 30, 2022

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