Increasing Domain Coverage

Author: Mike O'Sullivan

September 12, 2022

We've added about 35,000 more domains that are included in the core publishers monitored group on Sincera. Over the next few days, you may see some jumps and spikes on chart trend lines due to the increased coverage.

Publishers Monitored

Sincera customers can simply monitor the count of publishers in the Publishers dataset, or alternatively, monitor the value of pubs_monitored in the global Quick Stats dataset.

Parent Companies

As a reminder, "publishers" and top level domains are effectively synonymous on Sincera. If you want to see holding companies, such as "Conde Nast" (publisher_id: 48435), you would look up any publishers that have a parent_entity_id set Conde's publisher_id. For example, Wired (publisher_id: 2) has a parent_entity_id of 48435.

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Mike O'Sullivan

September 12, 2022

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