Release Updates (1/31)

Author: mike osullivan

January 31, 2023

New Features

Ranked Mode for Main Dashboard
  • Sincera's main dashboard now has "ranked" mode, which allows you to toggle most of the metrics to display only the top 10,000 advertising-supported domains, globally.

  • This will cause some positions and rankings to move around, as some systems and partners, such as LiveRamp, are heavily clustered around the biggest publishers vs. long tail support.

User Initiated Scans
  • Users can now request an updated scan from a Publisher directly from their page. This will immediately trigger a scan of 25 URLs from that publisher, with all Sincera modules enabled.

Beta CDP Detection (Enterprise)
  • For Enterprise clients, Sincera now supports beta detection of CDP features and companies.

  • This needs to be manually provisioned to your account, so please reach out in your slack channel or over email. It will roll out broadly across the application in the next couple of weeks.

Retail Media Detection (Enterprise)
  • Enterprise clients can now see if a publisher domain is enabled for Retail Media via the retail_media column on the publishers table.

Enhancements and Bugfixes

  • Additional ad server detection logic for Yahoo JAC, Yahoo DHARMA, Outbrain, Taboola, AMP ad - applies to slot, ad density, and ad unit coordinates features.

  • New documentation for Domain Lists and Private Jobs on Sincera Docs

  • Improved detection for elements nested within #shadowroot

  • Improved Identity Absorption detection for 33 Across.

  • New fonts (Public Sans) for legibility used across body text tags.

  • Improved styling of buttons, added “cancel” buttons to PrivateJobs workflow

  • Improved automatic deployment and refresh of engine fleet

  • Better handle an issue when interacting with APS when APS cannot be found

  • On 400 or 404 errors, PrivateJobs will now return error-4 vs. general error

  • Fixed user agent presentation bug

Access Updates

Note that on March 1st, a registered account will be required to use the Sincera main dashboard. The main dashboard will continue to be free to all users, but it will no longer be available to users without a Sincera account.

mike osullivan

January 31, 2023

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