Verified Integrations on Sincera

Author: Mike O'Sullivan

April 5, 2022

For select partners, Sincera is rolling out a "Verified Integration" badge, starting on March 3rd.

What is a "Verified Integration"?

The status of a "Verified Integration" means that a given ad technology company or platform has done the following:

  • Reviewed and confirmed Sincera's detection methodology for the partner

  • Confirmed different domains and subdomains used by the partner

  • Confirmed that the associated detection counts are accurate

Why Verify?

Verification, particularly for identity providers, is incredibility helpful for publishers and marketers who want to have a simple - yet accurate - understanding of the industry. When choosing what technology companies to partner with, understanding a platform's market position, alongside their noteworthy customers, is a key consideration for buyers and sellers in digital advertising.

Getting Verified

If you're interested in getting your platform, service, or technology verified, feel free to reach out at !

Mike O'Sullivan

April 5, 2022

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